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Here at United Medical Institute we strive to provide the best career training and critical skills required to start a career in the healthcare industry. United Medical Institute is a recognized leader in medical education in the Sacramento Area.

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Education You Need for a Rewarding Career in Health Care

United Medical Institute is the starting point for health care careers. Our focus is to change your life for the better by helping you to reach your potential through education. Here you can receive a quality education in some of today’s fastest growing fields.

Our focus is on you, the student. You can enjoy a small class experience, where you can get the attention you deserve. From enrollment through graduation we strive to ensure your success. Our dedicated staff provides the support you need to complete your education in a timely manner. We provide up-to-date, “hands-on” through training education that uses the technologies and processes that are used in the field and prepares you to excel in your new career.

You’ll be connected with the health care community through clinical rotations or externships with medical professionals to help build your skills while you’re still in school. You’ll feel confident knowing that United Medical Institute offers a high quality education. In fact, United Medical Institute is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and for the three consecutive years was named “The best in Medical Training and Education” in the Sacramento Area.

United Medical Institute believes that education should promote the development of positive self-esteem and, for that purpose, we provide services supportive of student's efforts to succeed academically, vocationally, and personally. United Medical Institute has the ability to provide a sophisticated level of training to individuals desirous of a professional career in the medical field.

We provide focused and intensive medical training to assist our students in acquiring the skills that lead to employment.

The purpose of our school is to provide students with an integrated learning experience in theory and practice that will enable them to provide high quality patient care. In order to succeed in these professional courses, and to gain necessary skills and experiences, students are expected to successfully complete their chosen program of study. Our programs provide quality educational opportunities for students who put in time and effort into their education. Student

Why Choose UMI

  1. We provide a sophisticated level of training to individuals who desire a professional career in the medical field. This is accomplished through educational programs utilizing advanced training equipment, didactic lectures and hands-on experience provided by highly trained instructors, physicians and technologists who are experts in their field. Clinical internships provide field training in the day-to-day work of a medical professional.

  2. We maintain outstanding administrative support to our students. We offer an academic environment that gears students and faculty toward productive outcomes and performance.

  3. United Medical Institute’s faculty, staff and administrators are qualified medical and business professionals who have a great sense of responsibility and a desire to help our students get the most thorough knowledge of the health care industry. Our students enjoy a rich, comprehensive educational experience both in the classroom and in clinical settings.

  4. We provide services that support the efforts of students to succeed academically, vocationally and personally. A faculty or staff member is always available to listen.

  5. We maintain small class size.

  6. UMI is proud to be approved and accredited at the institutional level by a number of private and public governmental and educational bureaus and bodies.

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